Dress Your Home in Color

Painting can transform your house by changing its street-facing appearance from weathered to fresh, or its interior space from outdated to inspired.

Whether you plan to stay in your home for years or are preparing to sell it sometime soon, hiring a professional painter is one of the best ways to improve the look and value of your property. Best of all, you don’t have to do the prep work or handle the final touches that will make a vibrant change to your home. These are the details that our team knows make a difference when you dress your home in color.


3 Replies to “Dress Your Home in Color”

  1. Bucks County Painters, LLC did a wonderful job painting the interior of my home. The owner, Ben de Lannée, had great ideas about tweaking and updating the colors. He was able to match paint colors for freshening. This transformed the interior of my home. 5 stars

  2. Bucks County Painters LLC and Ben, get a 6 out of 5 rating! Our deck was restored only after Ben’s team finished the critical prep work that is often neglected or superficially addressed by many professional painters.

    After initial cleaning Mike spent “as long as it took” to sand off all of the old loose paint and feathered the edges to insure a smooth transition for the first fresh coat. Ben and Donnell applied 3 coats of solid stain and allowed for drying time in-between. It was refreshing to watch Ben and see how well he treats his team, and his genuine concern for their happiness.

    Exterior painting can be a high-pressure scheduling experience if you make your team work 12-14 hour days to try and recover time lost to rain, but Ben does not subscribe to these tactics.

    Ben puts his customers and employees first, and it shows in the quality of the workmanship at every step. We are thrilled with the results.
    Mark and Dot

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