Interior Painting

We understand…

that painting can be disruptive to you and your family’s usual routine, so we make every effort to reduce wait times for highly-used areas of your home such as the kitchen or main bathroom.
In most cases, we are able to limit these to a single day. If you are having several areas of your home painted, we will use a schedule that works best for you.

Protection of Your Home and Property

We are a registered business in the state of Pennsylvania and we are insured. While we take great care to protect your home and valuables at all times, we recommend that you place delicate, sentimental or irreplaceable items out of harm’s way. This includes original artwork and family heirlooms. It’s also helpful if you do a cursory vacuum of the area prior to our arrival.

How we Prepare

Nails or fasteners will be removed. Wall imperfections and the holes will be patched. We pole-sand ceilings and walls to ensure a smooth finish and we’ll sand trim work and caulk the gaps and cracks on moldings, and the window and door trim.

The Painting Process

We use high quality, Sherwin-Williams® interior paint that is suitable for the specific surfaces of your home. All trim gets masked with Frog tape with paint-block technology which, once removed, leaves a razor sharp line that looks especially good where walls join chair rail, crown or base trim or wainscot. We back roll all of our cut ins to remove brush strokes so that the textures match.

As we paint each room, the flooring and carpet will be covered in drop cloths. Because these tend to move, inching their way away from the walls as they are walked on, we also use a 3M masking tool with 9-inch wide protective paper projecting from each wall to avoid splash back onto floor, trim or nearby surfaces. Any remaining furniture will be protected.  Door handles, light fixtures and other objects that cannot be removed will be masked.

Though we check continually as we work, we also do a full, final inspection when we are done. Before we ask for payment, we’ll ask you to do a walk through with us to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction.

Daily Clean-Up

The job of painting your home is not complete until the clean-up is done. Our team cleans as we work and we provide daily organization/clean-up of our tools and equipment to minimize inconvenience during the work process. Once all of the painting is finished, we remove all of our supplies, and empty paint cans and trash so you’ll hardly know we were there (except of course for the rejuvenated, new look of your home.)